1. Next Sunday 7th June, 2020 shall be our Covenant Day of Vengeance.  It shall also double as our Special Prophetic Entrance Service. This service will hold as it is today except otherwise informed. It shall also be broadcast live on our YouTube channel (Living Faith Church Basorun Ibadan), and Impact 92.5 radio station. Time: 8am.
  2. Covenant Hour of Prayer holds by 6am – 7am from Monday – Saturday. Note that it shall be broadcast live on YouTube channel (Living Faith Church Basorun Ibadan).
  3. Trumpet service hold on tomorrow Monday 1st June, 2020. It shall be transmitted live on our YouTube channel. Time is 6am to 7am.
  4. Good News!! By the prompting of the Holy Spirit, the midst of the year prophetic agenda 2020 has been declared through the apostle over this commission. This runs from 1st June to 26th July 2020 where we shall be embarking on intensive kingdom advancement endeavours. As a result, we shall be embarking on 7days prayer and fasting beginning from tomorrow Monday 1st to Sunday 7th June 2020. We shall be gathering between 5pm – 6.00pm daily to break our fast with the communion all through this period at various centers except otherwise informed. Note that our evening service for Monday 1st June 2020 shall be a live transmission form Canaanland Ota. Time: 5pm to 7pm.
  • Individuals are required to go after their various contacts, including our neighbours, relations, colleagues at work, customers, clients and all those that have the need for salvation around us with the soul aim of bringing them to Christ
  • Various social media platforms should engaged by the church and individuals in driving this prophetic agenda.
  • Everyone should also continue to share our various transmission platforms with everyone we desire to see saved and established in the faith. Remember, the word of god is be bound
  1. Send the testimonies of the doing of the Lord in your life to
  2. Home Cell Fellowship holds every Saturday at our various centres. Time: 5pm. Locate the one nearest to your house.
  3. Good News: In pursuit of the church planting mandate for the year 2020. Enlistment into full-time Pastoral Service within this ministry is ongoing. Interested candidates are to check the Church websites to fill necessary forms. Note that the form is also available at the church office.
  4. The following are the account details of the church for those who wish to give their tithe and offering via online platforms. Account name: Living Faith Church Basorun.

2282127276 – Tithe -Eco bank

2282127283 – Offering -Eco bank


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