1. Next Sunday 15th November, 2020 shall be our Covenant Day of Vengeance. It shall also double as our Special Anointing Service, It shall be 2 power packed services. Time: 7am & 9:15am. Make sure you come with your invitees.  It shall be broadcast live on our YouTube channel (Living Faith Church Basorun Ibadan), and Impact 92.5 radio station.
  2. Books and CDs are available at the Dominion Bookshop, buy for yourself and your love ones. The books are: * Understanding the Power of Praise    * Wonders of praise
  3. Send the testimonies of the doing of the Lord in your life to
  4. All Deacons and Deaconesses are reminded of their meeting today immediately after the 2nd Service at the Teens Church. Please honour God with your presence.
  5. Praise the Lord!! The morning and evening Gospel raid continues tomorrow all through the remaining days of this prophetic season. This endeavour shall be on both individual and soul winning partnership basis. Those expected to be part of this shall include all those on the line for miracle jobs, members on vacation, those who own their businesses and are able to take time off, those whose businesses are challenged, those who desire change of levels in their various undertakings, This operation shall also include all workers on their way to and from work, during break time around our workplaces, at bus stops, and after work around their various neighbourhoods etc. At the same time, we shall be embarking on Morning and evening Prayer Raid, The morning Raid shall include among others, Senior Citizen, retirees, full time housewives, nursing mothers, those on vacation and member that chooses to make time to be part of this army of prayer warrior. Every member who is not on soul winning outreach is admonished to be part of the evening prayer Raid Time: 8am and 5pm daily
  6. Believers’ Foundation and Empowerment Class holds tomorrow Monday by 5.00pm. All our new members and new converts are expected to be there
  7. Miracle Communion Service holds this Wednesday both here at Basorun and our Zonal centres. Time is 5pm.
  8. Home Cell Fellowship holds every Saturday at our various centres. Time: 5pm. Locate the one nearest to your house.
  9. This is to remind you of the wedding intention between Bro. Yerima Roger & Sis Ajala Motunrayo, which comes up on Saturday 14th November, 2020.Time: 9am.Venue: Winners’ chapel Basorun Ibadan.
  10. This is to remind you of the wedding intention between Bro. Obinna Christian & Sis Odunsi Adeola, which comes up on Saturday 14th November, 2020.Time: 11am.Venue: Winners’ chapel Basorun Ibadan.
  11. This is to remind you of the wedding intention between Bro. Lawal Abiodun & Sis Akinpelu Oladayo, which comes up on Saturday 14th November, 2020.Time: 11am.Venue: LFC Provincial Center 44 Mount Gomery Yaba Lagos.
  12. Shiloh 2020 – Turnaround Encounters! Shiloh, the annual convocation of Winners Family Worldwide is just 29 days to go. Everyone is admonished to adequately prepare to meet their God for divers encounters at Shiloh 2020. It shall be our launch into a world of turnaround, both as a Church and as individuals for life in Jesus name. Amen.
  13. Good News!!! The Winners Covenant Voice presents her Concert and Carol tagged: ’LIMITLESS PRAISE VOL. 2.0’. Date: 20th December, 2020. Time: 2.30pm. Ministering: Pst. Joseph Adelakun (Baba Ayewaa), Bukola Bekes & Damilola Bekes, Bidemi Olaoba, Pst. Yomi Ajayi, D’ Chord, and our own State Pastor, Pastor Ade Adekunle. Please plan to attend, God bless you…
  14. The following are the account details of the church for those who wish to give their tithe and offering via online platforms. Account name: Living Faith Church Basorun.

2282127276 – Tithe -Eco bank

2282127283 – Offering -Eco bank

Jesus is Lord…


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