I want to fulfill my vow by putting this testimony into writing.  If not for the nature of the organisation where I work, I would have openly shared this testimony.

On the 2nd of this month, the video surveillance (CCTV) in my office captured that I picked a customer’s phone alongside some office documents which were dropped on my office table.  Actually those customers were using my table to fill some documents with my colleague who was attending to them. I came to pick some things that I left on my table but unknowingly went away with their phone.  I had already gone out for a meeting in another location but leaving the phone in another office where I had entered.

It was after 2hours before I was called on phone and informed that the CCTV captured me taking a phone and those customers had already called the police. Though, the phone had been found in another office where I had left it. I hurried back to the office but my senior colleagues were already talking to the police that the organisation would investigate the matter by them. The investigation team took some days investigating the issue,   and the head office was also involved. The rumour already in the office by some colleagues was that I intentionally stole the phone.  At this time, I cried and kept praying to God that I am not scared leaving the job, but God who saw my heart should prove me not guilty. I also involved my home cell and some friends. I also wanted to see Bishop as the issue kept lingering and getting stronger. But the day I wanted to see Bishop Aremu, I was almost at his office door, and my spirit told me to go back and not to disturb the Bishop because the God of Bishop Oyedepo and Bishop Aremu whom I have called on every night has heard me, and the issue had already been resolved. I turned back from entering the Bishop office and went home but decided to sing praises to God that night. The following day in the office, I was called by one of the auditors and was told that the matter had been concluded and that I was found not guilty.

A caution letter was sent to me through an email for being careless and absent minded at work. Those of my colleagues who were not talking to me all these while gradually started coming back to me again.

I have come to say Father, who saw my tears and my heart, and has rescued me from scandal and destruction, to Him alone be all the glory.

Sister Chizoba. 


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